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The Times Square of Celebrity News & Drama

Prosecutors just showed an image of Michael Jackson‘s dead, naked body sprawled on a gurney — taken hours after the singer died. The date on the tiles beside his body reads August 25th, 2009 — but the autopsy doctor Christopher Rogers claims the date is wrong … it should read June 25th. Click here for main […]

A huge development in the Michael Jackson Estate case.  The Executors have done so well making money for the Estate since Jackson died, they want to fund the Michael Jackson Trust to the tune of $30 million for the benefit of Katherine Jackson and Michael’s 3 kids. TMZ has obtained court documents in which co-Executors John Branca and John […]

Michael Jackson‘s highly anticipated new album is now the victim of music pirates … ALL 10 tracks from “MICHAEL” have leaked online — a week before it’s official release date. The tracks are now up on several file sharing websites … and unless Sony Music authorized it — this is a clear case of illegal […]

.. I’ve just heard Michael Jackson‘s first single, “Hold My Hand” — not the one that leaked a few years ago, but the one Sony is about to release. First of all, it’s great — slower than a lot of MJ’s songs. Our sources say Akon recently came back to the studio to lay down […]

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