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Pamela BachDavid Hasselhoff’s ex only spent a few hours behind bars — nothing close to her 90 day sentence for DUI. But unlike Lindsay Lohan — who served 84 minutes for her DUI and was then free as a bird — we’ve learned Pamela Bach had to serve nearly two weeks confined to her home […]

TMZ has learned an ambulance was called to the home of David Hasselhoff on Friday — and this video might give us a glimpse as to why. The Hoff — who has been battling problems with alcohol for years — arrived at LAX on Wednesday looking … well, like he enjoyed the flight. His driver […]

Move over Cesar Milan, there is a new Dog Whisperer on the block — and his name is David Hasselhoff. We caught up with The Hoff and his daughter Hayley in Malibu yesterday — and while we wanted to talk about David’s recent troubles in London, he just wanted to talk … through his dog. […]

David Hasselhoff was reportedly hospitalized for two days in London after a drunken bender allegedly ended with him punching a doctor in London, this according to The Sun. The Hoff was released yesterday from the Capio Nightingale Hospital, the paper is reporting, after an alleged drinking bender at the St Martins Lane Hotel. He was […]

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